5 High Paying Public Health Jobs

Public health is a fast growing field due in part to the ability to make very good money doing what you love. There are a large range of job options that are widely available in most areas. Here are five public health jobs that consistently pay well:

Healthcare Administrator

A Healthcare Administrator is an employee who works with a clinic or hospital. They typically run things behind the scenes, performing tasks such as budgeting, scheduling, and organizing. Healthcare Administrators are key to keeping clinics running efficiently, and they are paid a salary to match their indispensable work. The salary average is about $88,600, but can reach up to three figures for those who are employed under bigger hospitals.

The amount of schooling needed from the typical Healthcare Administrator varies, but having a master of public health is very common. At the very least, a bachelor’s degree in a subject pertinent to public health is required. In addition to having anMPH degree, they will also need to be certified through their home state.

Environmental Scientist

An Environmental Scientist is another great occupation that involves the study of public health. Environmental Scientists do a range of important work, all of which involves keeping the public healthy and safe. Some job duties include field research, data collection, and making presentations. They do everything from collecting soil samples to test pollution levels, to brainstorming new ideas to help with waste management.

Environmental Scientists need to have great interpersonal skills because they are commonly employed by state or local governments to solve problems. Their median wage is $64,000 and their common degrees are earned in the sciences such as biology, chemistry, and engineering. A bachelor’s degree is required, but a master’s degree in a relevant field is strongly encouraged, especially for those looking for a chance of mobility.


Another important and high paying public health job is that of an Epidemiologist. An Epidemiologist is a kind of scientist in the public health field that studies disease and different sickness and looks for treatments, cures, and ways to cut down on the spreading of diseases. An Epidemiologist’s median wage is around $65,000. They often major in epidemiology or other science or public health fields, and a master’s degree is required before they are able to start working.

Health and Safety Engineer

Health and Safety Engineers are primarily employed by scientific institutions because of the tremendous value that their studies add. They are focused on making the work of public health safer, healthier, and easier for all people involved. Health and Safety Engineers can earn anywhere from $45,000 to $199,000, depending on where they are employed.

Health and safety engineers are required to have at least earned their bachelor’s degree in engineering or public health, but a master’s degree is welcomed and compensated.


A Biostatistician is a researcher in the public health field. They do a great deal of work, which includes gathering numbers and information, analyzing their findings, and then presenting what they have found. They can use their collected data to offer alternatives to given problems as well. To become a Biostatistician, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree is public health or statistics. Their average earnings are around $76,000.

If you are still between careers and have an interest in health, consider one of these lucrative public health jobs for your future. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping people as well as the satisfaction that comes with high job appreciation. You will also have a generous salary and the freedom to dip your toes into other public health fields if you choose to do so.

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