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Tips for Getting Through a Long Nursing Shift

Are you looking for creative ways to make it through your upcoming 12-hour nursing shift? If you dread the days when you’re on your feet at work for 12 hours at a time, here are a few tips that can help you get through those grueling shifts with a little more grace and a little

More Waste Management Tips for Hospitals and Medical Practices

There are a lot of aspects to cover when it comes to hospital management; almost all of them require immense attention and are very important to the smooth operation of the hospital itself. Waste management is one of the crucial parts of a hospital’s operation that must be managed properly. Simply using conventional waste management

The Relationship Between Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Both mental illness and substance abuse are troubling when they affect friends and loved ones. Some feel that disorientation and behavioral issues are the result of the drugs someone many have taken, while others believe people tend to find solace in drugs or alcohol as a self-medication for mental illness. There is some truth to

Hidden Benefits of Medical Scribes for Hospitals and Practices

Medical scribes are quickly becoming essential to the healthcare industry. Recent studies revealed that the presence of medical scribes can help healthcare providers offer better services to patients, which is why larger hospitals and medical institutions are already adding medical scribes to their workflows. For smaller practices, however, the decision to hire a medical scribe

Begin Living A Healthier Life Today

Life does have a way of wearing us down from time to time. When that happens, and stress invades every pore of our being, it is almost natural to turn to various escapes to help us survive. If your escape for far too long has been drugs or alcohol, you are certainly not alone. At

The Importance of a High Quality Kitchen Ventilation Fan in Hospitals

Have you ever wondered why you can eat in the cafeteria of most hospitals and never smell that obnoxious odor that results from deep frying foods such as french fries and chicken? Yes, hospitals do sell fried foods in their cafeterias and although most patient food service kitchens don’t make it a practice of preparing

How to Find the Perfect Drug Rehab Program in 6 Easy Steps

Choosing the right rehab program is essential if you want any type of success with your recovery. Many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a rehab program, but more often than not, people struggling with addiction are usually ill informed about the options that are open to them. In this article, we’re going

5 High Paying Public Health Jobs

Public health is a fast growing field due in part to the ability to make very good money doing what you love. There are a large range of job options that are widely available in most areas. Here are five public health jobs that consistently pay well: Healthcare Administrator A Healthcare Administrator is an employee

How to Improve Marketing in Your Healthcare Company

Whichever field of the medical industry your practice operates in, you are in constant competition with the other healthcare providers in your area. When patients are unable to get a good recommendation for a healthcare provider from their family and friends, they often turn to conducting their own research online, which is why having a

A Career in Healthcare Management: How to Get Started

If you’ve been working as a nurse or a physician, the next step to take in order to push your career forward is to apply for a managerial position. Getting promoted to healthcare or hospital management is a step towards the right direction. You’ll be dealing with more responsibilities and a lot of managerial tasks,