Digital Technologies Changing the Scenario of Healthcare

The only thing which is constant in the Healthcare Industry is Change.

The advent of digital era has brought about a transformation in the various industries of the world including the healthcare industry.

It’s necessary that the healthcare industry gives in to the changes happening. As, in this way it helps in the betterment of the patients and as well as the hospital. The patients can get rid of ailments, have complete treatment, diagnosis, etc., whereas for the hospitals it assists in image building process.

In this write-up, we’ll discuss about an assortment of technologies transforming the healthcare industry.

  1. Smartphones:

Who would need a human support, when everything is being done by the Smartphone!!!!

With the emergence of smartphones in the market, there has been huge digital revolution in the healthcare as well. Health-related matters can be known with just a click in just few seconds. The ways in which it is helping are: through apps, research and hubs.

Apps are the best way for the layman to know about his health anytime and anywhere without the need of a healthcare professional. Some of the apps being developed for the patients are MyChart, Round Health, etc.

With the MyChart app, having access to all the medical records, last visit to the doctor, prescriptions being taken, etc. are a few subjects the patient can know through this application. While Round Health app helps in reminding when to take the next dose of tablet, how much dose to take, etc.

  1. Home Portable Devices:

Home – the only place to be at ease!!!

Home Portable Devices have turned to become the biggest asset of the digital innovations in the healthcare industry. They’re helping humans in numerous ways which were thought to be tough until a few years ago.

Some of the examples include portable x-ray machines, blood-testing kits, blood pressure monitors, etc. The benefits of using these are that it saves a lot of time and cost of the patients.

And the biggest drawback is the up gradation. Many people who are using the devices at home may not have the similar model as used by the healthcare personnel. The consumer may either have an older version or of not so good quality.

  1. Smart Pills:

                                      Yes, now even pills have become smarter!!!

Smart Pills have slowly started entering our lives and will soon shakeup the entire healthcare and pharmaceutical market completely.

It can be defined as a capsule which is ingestible and is for single-use only. The mechanism is that when a patient swallows it, the sensor sends data to a wearable or to a Smartphone which is outside the body. This way the medical professional knows whether the patient is following the prescription prescribed to him.

  1. Software-as-a-drug:

Yeah, Software will be helping you out!!!

Software-as-a-drug is that which is very much similar to the mHealth. Also called as the Digital Therapeutics, it is taking the healthcare industry by the storm.

It imperatively depends on the software to similarly prevent medical conditions from going worse by utilizing the online coaches, electronic messages and social networks

And the major reason for its craze is being reasonable in price, can be customized according to the needs of the user. They can be taken as a solution for avoiding preventive diseases.

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