Embracing digital transformation in the healthcare sector

Healthcare is rapidly moving towards a digital environment and the empowered treatment is the norm. Number of trends in healthcare present challenges to traditional IT approaches and opportunities to embrace innovation.

Digital Transformation in healthcare

Digital Transformation in the healthcare sector plays a key role and it would be the third stage of embracing digital technologies: digital competence → digital literacy → digital transformation. The latter one means, digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity in a particular domain, rather than simply improve and sustain the traditional methods in the healthcare sector.

Most of the C-Level executives/officials in the healthcare sector started to pay more and more attention to Digital Transformation. They started to believe that, without this transformation, even a long-established company may extinct. Digital engagement is now a fundamental part of how patients, caregivers, providers, pharmacists and others live their lives.

In other words, we can say that digitalisation has opened a new world of opportunities for patient engagement. It is clear that patients are turning to the Internet as their first source of health information via a mobile device. On the other hand, physicians are also using their smart phones in the examining room in various ways. Taking medical appointments became more efficient using mobile technology and physicians use Smartphones to inform patients about their treatment plans and explain, illustrate medical information to patients, and to send information to patients directly. Doctors also use their smart phone for keeping themselves informed about the latest innovations in the healthcare sector. Smart phones give physicians access to images, videos, and other medical resources.

As patients become more digitally savvy, it makes sense that doctors do too, and do it in an approach that enhances the way that they practice medicine. Digital technology is changing the traditional and highly-regulated world of Pharma and healthcare.

Consequently, we are capable to witness a shifting focus towards health and wellness in the healthcare industry. Digital Transformation is presenting new opportunities for companies to get closer to their customers and enhance the customer experience.

All these changes will definitely have a positive impact on healthcare sector, consumer engagement. New technologies enable to measure the ROI of healthcare companies’ campaigns/activities. All in all, Transformation in the digital technology is inevitable.

Digital transformation has been a holistic and all encompassing phenomenon that helps healthcare sector!


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