Everything you need to know about Cosmetology

People have been using cosmetics to enhance their looks and grab everyone’s eyeballs in their special occasions. This has been trending since the last several thousand years. In other terms, we can say that the history of cosmetology is much older than civilization.

What’s cosmetology?

Cosmetology involves the maintenance of appearance and infusion of beauty treatments in a person. Women usually prefer this method and cosmetology can be further divided into branches that include the study of skin care, hairstyles, cosmetics, and hair care and beauty therapy. There is an increasing demand for this process as people prefer to enhance their appearance, regardless of their gender or profession.


History of cosmetology:

In the 21st century, people started thinking that cosmetics are being used by women compared to men. But in reality, they had been used by both men and women throughout the history. Actual makeup process started back to 4000 BC from ancient Egypt. Egyptians used cosmetic products in the form of mercury, lead, ash and other substances to formulate black eyeliner for highlighting the outline of the eye.

This procedure had witnessed advancement during Roman times as they started using oils and lotions at that time. Creams, lotions were used as part of makeup, cleansers as well as in hair to keep it in shape. On the other hand, greasy lotions that were made from animal’s fat were often applied to the face and other parts of the body for hiding defects.

Fast forward to a few hundred years later, the history of cosmetology divulges that the Chinese community had used various natural ingredients to create colorful nail polishes. Cosmetologists predicted that oils, lotions and animals fats have beautification properties. Some of the extremities include the use of own saliva to prepare cosmetics. But this is a highly toxic process, yet continued to be practiced by many.

Hair cosmetology played a vital role in this field in the later years. The desire for having smooth, shiny hair increased among the people. However, the advancement of technology allows enhanced products to be produced and was made more reasonable to buy.

The rise and falls of cosmetology:

The market/industry of cosmetics started increasing since the 20th century and the advancement of technology has driven cosmetology to new heights of acceptance and availability for all ages of people.

Cosmetology persists to nurture as an industry as more nations becoming developed. On the other hand, the developments in the 20th century witnessed the introduction of skin coloring agents like chemical based skin lighteners, lipstick, nail polish, blush, eye shadow etc. It is known that the 20th century proved to be a point to note in the history of cosmetology with the extensive usage of make-up and various products by women to follow their favorite actor’s style. To cater the increasing demand for quality and function of products, there has been an increasing sophistication in the production of cosmetics and beauty products.

In this developed world, cosmetic surgery is a common practice and is slowly gaining the recognition. The devastating response from men and women towards beautification process and products give us a glance that, how beauty plays an important role in person’s life and well-being.

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