How social media is being utilized in the healthcare industry?

Social Media or also new media is emerging and leaving behind the traditional forms of media. It is being utilized by many prominent personalities for a variety of purposes and in various industries around the globe.

The most shocking matter is that it is being employed in the healthcare industry where personal care has always been thought as the greatest healing power. But how is it being exercised is, what we are going to discuss in this article.
Hence, the social media usage in the healthcare industry is as follows:

1. Sharing Information:

Sharing is caring!!!

Sharing information is mandatory in the healthcare industry. Only when shared, the doctor can understand the patient’s health and patient can know about the treatments available and treatment he is undergoing.

And the biggest advantage of sharing information on social media is that it can be accessed, known by innumerable people at once. Healthcare personnel can release data or updates on the novel technologies, answer queries of patients, talk about any change of scenario (like a change in tablet size/ halt, ban of any medicine), etc.

2. Communication:

Communicate straight!!!

Communicating during the time of crises is the key to avoid landing of more problems in life. And undoubtedly, the healthcare industry should be the first one to communicate and clarify all the information regarding the crises as soon as possible.

The social media can be operated for giving updates on the capacity of the hospital, status of the operation, etc.

It can be used for passing on information by organizations such as Red Cross, and the Centers for Disease Control, or even for campaigns. For example, a social media campaign by the American Diabetes Association was launched in November, 2016 where people communicate their stories regarding diabetes.

3. Live Updates:

Get informed live via social media and get transformed!!!

Though risky and very controversial, live updates on social media during operations have become an increased trend today. Through this medium, healthcare professionals can keep the other people outside the ICU informed on time-to-time basis.

As a marketing approach, organizations can create a buzz on social media with these updates, generate excitement and increase public awareness in order to attract patients and medical personnel.

4. Training Healthcare Staff:

Use social media during training, and keep it entertaining!!!

Few healthcare organizations have started to employ the social media in the training process. When presenting, they’re told to use particular hash tags on the micro blogging site, Twitter in order to make the training process even more interactive and enjoyable.

It can be even used by the patients for giving feedback they had at that healthcare center. So as to connect the audiences, photos or videos can also be posted on the social media.

5. Improvement:

Improve and prove!!!

Improvement is the key to success in any kind of organization globally. One can go through the competitor’s social media page, have a look at the various services they provide and implement it in their organization as well.

They can even use it for replying to the patient’s query and improve their already existing services.

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