Marketing Trends in Healthcare Sector for the Year 2017

Trends are predicted every year in every segment/industry around the globe and this applies to the healthcare industry as well. In the year 2017, healthcare industry will also be witnessing some major trends that will change the face of healthcare for years to come.

In this article, we shall discuss about the various, major trends in the healthcare that will occur in the year 2017. The trends here shall be completely related to the marketing sector of the healthcare industry.

1. Content is and has always been the king:

With the digitalization era taking up everything, content will become one of the major forces for engaging audience online, a marketing technique. Now, patients will be searching valuable and relevant information regarding medicine, medical costs online.

For gaining reader’s attention in this stage of increased competition, the content has to be original, with credible sources when quoting, etc.

2. Get social with social media:

Yes, social media has even entered in the healthcare industry. It shall be one of the major techniques of marketing in the healthcare industry. People are now looking for latest information regarding the healthcare organizations on the social media platforms.

Therefore, it is immensely necessary that the healthcare businesses update the latest happenings in their organization on social media from time to time.

3. Personal but yet not personal chats:

Live video chats are also becoming extremely popular for getting credible information from experts for people. Today, numerous apps are also available through which an industry specific person can come online and answer the queries of people by going through the comments section.

Present-day healthcare marketing personnel can even share stories through video and live stream videos on websites, blogs, through social media platforms, etc.

The biggest benefit for choosing live videos as medium of chats is timeliness, immediacy and precise kind of impact and budgets can also be saved through a great extent. The budget can elsewhere utilized like campaigns, etc.

4. Hello, I’m too busy-not you alone:

Today, the patient’s time also has become very strict regarding his time spent with doctor. He/ She want suitable and prompt appointment times; do not want to wait even for a minute when the appointment time and date finally has arrived

In short, patients are also expecting and demanding their right to meet the doctor on their scheduled time. Convenience will become a major marketing technique in the healthcare industry for the year 2017.

5. My mobile/smartphone is my lifeline to success:

First thing a patient does when he/she encounters with a healthcare problem is look for solution on the Internet in the Mobile/Smartphone. Now with enough data available on net, patients are doing research for medicines on their mobile itself.

Hence, when creating content, healthcare marketers need to look that the content available is even compatible in the mobiles/Smartphones as well.

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