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Security Professionals Must Be Better at Protecting Health Care Industry

On Monday May 15, roughly a fifth of all health care facilities in the U.K. suffered a massive ransomware attack, which forced doctors and nurses to administer care without the technology many have come to rely on. In some cases, patients have turned away as facilities scrambled to regain control of their devices. As yet, it

How social media is being utilized in the healthcare industry?

Social Media or also new media is emerging and leaving behind the traditional forms of media. It is being utilized by many prominent personalities for a variety of purposes and in various industries around the globe. The most shocking matter is that it is being employed in the healthcare industry where personal care has always

Telemedicine in the Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine today has become a common term today in the healthcare industry. But what is telemedicine? Telemedicine is usage of telecommunication and IT for offering healthcare services from a far of place. It has numerous advantages like saving lives of people in case of emergency, breaks distance barriers. The patients can be at ease and

Social Media in the Healthcare Industry

The days were gone for social media tools for marketing are limited and perfectly suited for consumer brands. There are most of the businesses using social media for their business objectives and strategic business goals and ROI generation, the businesses are like insurance companies, law firms and auditors etc. Among the all the industries those

Financial Dimension of Healthcare Industry

Healthcare sector had always a fragmented market. The kind of economical crisis which was prevailing all over has put many of the customers on a back foot towards spending on healthcare.  The increasing budgetary constraints, political scenarios and the economic crisis have further burdened the healthcare sector affecting its stocks all over. Despite of the