Tech is Truly for the Elders

As with any progress in our society, lots of folks think the “innovative ways” belong to the younger generations. Sure, the younger generation doesn’t know what it’s like to talk on a phone with a cord to the handset or how to use a payphone. Many of them don’t even know what a payphone is, let alone what it was like to exist without a phone in our pockets at all times. But technological advances aren’t just for the younger generation, they are doing amazing things for the older generation!

Tech Means Freedom

The older generations can remember witnessing their elders suffering from their ailments and losing their sense of freedom. They may have been confined to their homes because a trip to the grocery store was just too much for them to handle. Yet those who fall in the current elderly generation have a range of options to choose from to keep their sense of freedom. With chair lifts and self-loading motorized scooters like those at, our elders can move around a lot easier than past generations.

The chair lift has been around for quite some time, targeting the disabled and elderly who were unable to climb stairs in their home. Moving or remodeling the home could be overly costly, but the chair lift was a more affordable option. This gives those same folks the opportunity to reclaim their ability to function in their home as they once did.

The motorized scooter became the best invention for folks who simply struggled with being on their feet for extended periods of time. Technology stepped in and found a way to make shopping and being outdoors a lot easier. Many older and disabled people can feel a sense of “being” when they are able to find ways to be functional within their limitations.

Tech Means Longer Living

Using IoT (Internet of Things) devices, we are now seeing people living longer because we can be more proactive with preventative care. A glucose meter that automatically transmits information to the doctor’s office can benefit both doctor and patient on what may be affecting glucose readings and keep those readings right where they need to be. Using mobile apps can keep the lines of communication between doctor and patient fluid and potentially keep the patient out of the doctor’s office more often.

Wearable Tech Saves the Day

While we have been making fun of Life Alert’s commercials, they really are the start of the wearable tech that truly saves lives. Now we have bracelets and watches that track our heart rate, our sleep patterns, and how often we are walking. All of this can motivate someone to walk more or talk to their doctor about sleeping issues or heart palpitations. They may not have known they were having an issue until their wearable notified them of. This is especially true for someone who has had a long-term issue and was not previously diagnosed. Imagine what our wearables will be able to do in the future! I am sure we can imagine their capability to communicate with doctors in real time and the numerous benefits we can reap.

Technology can be a frightening thing. Even more so now due to the rapid rate at which everything changes. But if we take a moment and look around, technology has been working for our benefit for a long time. We can feel like productive human beings for a much longer time and we can avoid that feeling of worthlessness or helplessness by allowing technology to improve our lives.


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