The Importance of a High Quality Kitchen Ventilation Fan in Hospitals

Have you ever wondered why you can eat in the cafeteria of most hospitals and never smell that obnoxious odor that results from deep frying foods such as french fries and chicken? Yes, hospitals do sell fried foods in their cafeterias and although most patient food service kitchens don’t make it a practice of preparing deep fried foods, these ‘unhealthy’ morsels are usually available to staff and guests

The Telling Absence of Grease

But, why are there no odors and why don’t you see grease dripping down walls as you do in some diners and restaurants? In fact, maybe that’s where the term ‘greasy spoon’ came from when referring to diners in the north east back in the day! Actually, it all centers on the importance of the highest quality commercial kitchen ventilation fan and the parts that go into a restaurant hood system.

From a Health Perspective

All those odors and unsightly grease is really only a small part of why hospitals place a high level of importance on their kitchen ventilation fans & hood system. Not only are the odors obnoxious but they are also unhealthy. Breathing in grease on a regular basis can cause serious damage to the lungs and while most patients don’t stay in-hospital long enough to suffer consequence, those greasy fumes will eventually take a toll on hospital staff.

Grease and Fumes Can Make Their Way into Surrounding Areas

Without proper maintenance of a commercial kitchen ventilation fan system – such as carefully cleaning the exhaust hood or upblast fan— those odors and greasy puffs of smoke could infiltrate the hospital cafeteria and possibly even the patient service kitchen; even beyond into corridors and nearby rooms. Eventually those odors may even work their way into the hospital’s HVAC and that could create a major problem for staff and patients alike.

Keeping the Kitchen Ventilation System Well- Maintained Has Other Benefits

In hospitals, it‘s even more important to keep a kitchen ventilation fan &system cleaned and well serviced because its reliability depends on keeping all parts free from grease and food particles that are picked up and recirculated. After a while, the unit will need serious repairs, or worse need replacement. If you want to keep your hospital kitchen ventilation fans operational and actually efficient, it’s important to stress just how critical it is to have the entire hospital restaurant’s hood system cleaned regularly by a professional.

Not only are these restaurant hood systems a legal requirement, they are a necessity for keeping the air in the hospital free from odors and noxious particulates that could create health problems if breathed in on a regular basis. Ensure your hospital kitchen ventilation fan is cleaned and well maintained and it will serve you faithfully to protect your patients, staff and guests.

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