What is Blood Collection Monitor?

Insignia International’s is the manufacturer of Blood Collection Monitor.

Blood Collection Monitor is used in used in Blood Transfusion Centers. It helps in collecting of blood by observing the quantity and many other such details. It can be availed in various specifications and it powered by a rechargeable battery.

Blood Collection Monitor

The BM-35X can be used either when moving or motionless and even exhibits information regarding the actual weight of blood collected. The blood is released as soon as it lifted automatically. One can easily be dependent on this modern blood collection monitor.

There are many distinct features of using this. Such as:

  • The blood is either measured in grams or milliliters continuously,
  • There is modification in quantity of blood when it is in Pause mode,
  • It stir ups the blood bag when it packed with 15 R.P.M,
  • It exhibits the amount of blood drawn in actual time,
  • If the monitor is in still mode, it shows real time
  • It has a built-in audio/visual alarm which starts if there is any problem during the flow of blood or at the venipuncture,
  • It has 100ml/350ml/450ml/up to 1000 ml volume set in advance.
  • The weight of the bag before collection of blood is in between 0-600gms.

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