What is OR Equipment Integra’s use in Hospitals?

ALVO Medical’s has been provider of latest innovations and solutions to the hospitals. And one among them is ALVO Integra.

ALVO Integra allows the combination of medical equipments and devices in the operating room. These equipments are wireless and touch screen which is very simple and clear. The system transmits and distributes video signals and it can be expanded according to the requirements of the customers.

ALVO Integra controls various equipments in the operation theatre equipments. Such as air conditioner, laminar flow, operating lights, general lights. It is designed so that there is efficiency among the medical staff and even provides instant data and information regarding the patient from the hospital networks.Alvo-integra

It is even possible to communicate to other rooms via ALVO Integra and it archives operations carried out and treatments in the hospital.  ALVO Integra has camera present in the Operating Room (OR) and tubes, monitors, recorders, and video splitters.

Through the highly sophisticated Integra the Hospital Information System (HIS) can be accessed and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) files can be viewed.

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