What is Portable Blood Donor Lounge?

Insignia International’s is the manufacturer and supplier of Portable Blood Donor Lounge.

The Portable Blood Donor Lounge is different in size, shape and height, and is. It is provided to the customers keeping in mind their ease. It can be even availed in many specifications.

Portable Blood Donor Lounge

There are many distinct features of this Lounge. Such as:

  1. It has lockable castors which help in easy moving.
  2. It can be positioned at height which is according to the ease of phlebotomist.
  3. It has 100% stainless steel hardware and framing.
  4. The electrical and mechanical control movement allows the head high or low position.
  5. It is dust proof and proof lamination.
  6. It has swing in or swing out cushion and broad arm rests.
  7. It has a remote switch which can be connected at the head and foot end for easy repositioning.

Some of its features are:

  1. It is Light weight and can be folded.
  2. It can be easily moved and operated.
  3. The poly vinyl cover can be washed.
  4. It can be laid like a chair as blood donation position with zero gravity.

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