What is Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser in Hospital Industry?

Aarvam Medical Systems’s is the manufacturer of Ultra Pulse CO2 laser.

Ultra Pulse CO2 laser is the accurate tool used in surgical and aesthetic applications. The laser medium which is a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium gases is usually excited by DC Voltage. It emits a nonstop beam of wavelength of 10600 nm. As the CO2 laser beam is not visible, an aiming beam i.e. Red Diode is present for the surgeon to guide the desired target.

Ultra Pulse CO2 laser

 This Laser equipment is designed in such a way that makes its use safe and easy. The most vital basis for using CO2 laser is the power output and the spot size.

The spot size can be changed either by defocusing the beam, focusing the beam, keeping the hand piece away from the treating area or by, keeping it nearer to the area. The Spot size is typically of 2-5 mm and used for cutting or vaporization. The output power can also be adjusted according to lesion.

The LASER beam absorbs well in water which causes destruction by quickly heating and vaporization of the tissue. It is used in E N T, oral & maxillofacial surgery, dermatology, general surgery, cosmetic & plastic surgery.

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