What is Ultrasound GE Vivid E9?

LBNMedical’s is specialized reseller of Ultrasound GE Vivid E9.

UltrasoundVivid E9 of GE Healthcare is the foremost cardiovascular ultrasound system which has been designed distinctively for 4D imaging. This system checks in people’s efficiency in work place (called egronomics) and gets hold of images, and manages data, archives it. Like 2D imaging, it has an equal authority, accuracy and is alert. It even provides proper information for treatment and boosts efficiency.

It is constructible TEE transduse which provides 4D view of the heart with just a single touch and even helps the doctor in having a directional view. The E9 is especially used for visual help while performing surgeries like transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), left atrial appendage (LAA), mitral valve repair, closures, atrial septal defect (ASD) closures and patent foraman ovale (PFO) closures.

While performing treatments in the echo lab, the TEE transducer provides the doctors with accurate images of the heart and even help in surgery process in the OR. In the catheterization laboratory, it guides through the images. It has tilt and rotate utility.

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