Why Planning is So Important in a Modern Healthcare Organization

Do the administrators and managers in your healthcare organization dedicate enough time and energy to planning? If not, the healthcare products or services you provide may not be up to the standards expected in this industry.  Professionally run healthcare facilities are always putting new plans in place and are always refining these plans. Your healthcare

Medical records risks and responsibilities hit UK headlines

Patients’ medical records contain highly sensitive information — which is why data protection regulations are suitably stringent. The Data Protection Act 1998 enforces regulations on all UK organisations and individuals classed as either data controllers or data processors. And the European-wide General Data Protection Regulation hits the statute books in May 2018 — bringing greater

Surgical Scissors: Design & Handling

Surgical scissors or “forceps” are surgical instruments engineered to make dissections and other cuts with high accuracy and precision. So while choosing one, several important factors such as ease-of-handling, dimensional accuracy, quality, and manoeuvrability come into play. Engineering Surgical scissors cutting through a tissue apply three kinds of forces – torque, closing and shear. Closing

3 leadership challenges in Britain’s National Health Service

The National Health Service (NHS) was established by Aneurin Bevan in 1948 with three core values: That it meets the needs of everyone That it’s free at the point of delivery That treatment is based on clinical need, not ability to pay. It became a unifying institution for a post-war populace struggling with austerity —

Reduced Risks: The Benefits of Employing Qualified Practitioners in Long-Term Care Facilities

If you run a long-term care facility, you’ll want to ensure you hire the best people you can. Your team will be responsible for making your facility a success and providing the high level of care that you want your patients to receive. You will want to ensure you form a team that works well

Financing Options Available For Hospitals

Procuring financing for hospitals is not as easy as many think because a hospital is basically listed as a not-for-profit organization. It is not allowed to issue stock and debt financing stands out as the only real option available in most cases, all through tax-exempt bonds. There are also some for-profit hospitals, of course. They

Advances in Healthcare: Leadless Pacemakers

The latest advancement in healthcare technology for heart patients is the leadless pacemaker, which is aimed at eliminating the dangers of implanting pacemaker leads into the heart. Traditional cardiac pacemakers are constructed using a Hypodermis Pulse Generator (in the chest wall) and transvenous pacing leads (in the myocardial tissue). These leads are considered the weakest

It’s Possible Scientific Research Could Cause a Widespread Pandemic

Nothing is more important than medical and scientific research. This is especially true of researching infectious diseases that have no cure, such as salmonella, E.coli, Ebola, dengue fever, and many more. These transmittable diseases continue to plague the world, but scientific research is not infallible. What if it’s the research that causes a widespread and

4 Serious Considerations for Young People in Search of a Healthcare Plan

Regardless of where you stand on the hot-button issue of health care, there’s no denying the fact that medical costs are through the roof and decent coverage is perhaps harder than ever to come by. That doesn’t stop the fact that having health insurance is not only required by law but also represents a long-term

STAR of Surgical Robots

Surgical robots aren’t going to replace human surgeons anytime soon. But what’s better than to have a proof-of-concept for future possibilities in healthcare? Meet STAR – Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot – an OT robot that has outperformed human surgeons in all trials. However, STAR was invented not to replace but to aide and empower human