A Guide on Maintaining of Lab Equipments

Introduction: Maintenance of Lab Equipments may be a small thing for you but do you even realize that it is such a big thing. There is a huge importance attached to it. Yes, it is very essential to maintained Lab Equipments properly. If they are not maintained properly they can cause serious health-related problems. Those

Marketing Trends in Healthcare Sector for the Year 2017

Trends are predicted every year in every segment/industry around the globe and this applies to the healthcare industry as well. In the year 2017, healthcare industry will also be witnessing some major trends that will change the face of healthcare for years to come. In this article, we shall discuss about the various, major trends

How to Find the Perfect Drug Rehab Program in 6 Easy Steps

Choosing the right rehab program is essential if you want any type of success with your recovery. Many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a rehab program, but more often than not, people struggling with addiction are usually ill informed about the options that are open to them. In this article, we’re going

Social Media Role During Healthcare Crisis

Social Media, being a boon or a bane has always been a major debate around the globe by various people of diverse age groups. It is utilized in various industries like the fashion, marketing, entertainment, healthcare, etc. Yes, you read it right. It is even utilized in the healthcare industry and here it is definitely

Fire-safety: How to Protect your Practice from a Devastating Blaze

When other people turn up to dinner on Friday night, sighing and moaning about how they’ve had the worst day ever, they’re probably referring to a difficult phone call with an angry client or an infuriating afternoon trying to catch up with an overflowing email inbox. Yet, as the owner of a healthcare practice with

Methods for Sterilizing Medical Equipments

Sterilizing medical equipments is an imperative process which every medical personnel on this planet ought to do every single time he/she has monitored a patient. It is a process which can help in avoiding spreading of infections to a great extent. There are ways through which the equipments can be sterilized and there are benefits

Common Problems in the Healthcare Informatics

Health informatics can be defined as the study of resources and methods for the management of health information. This area supports health IT, medical practice, medical research, etc. The biggest issue in health informatics is privacy. It is the only thing which keeps haunting the patient only after their health. In this article, we shall discuss about problems that keep

Everything you need to know about Cosmetology

People have been using cosmetics to enhance their looks and grab everyone’s eyeballs in their special occasions. This has been trending since the last several thousand years. In other terms, we can say that the history of cosmetology is much older than civilization. What’s cosmetology? Cosmetology involves the maintenance of appearance and infusion of beauty

How social media is being utilized in the healthcare industry?

Social Media or also new media is emerging and leaving behind the traditional forms of media. It is being utilized by many prominent personalities for a variety of purposes and in various industries around the globe. The most shocking matter is that it is being employed in the healthcare industry where personal care has always

Why Should one opt for IoT in Healthcare?

Internet of Things (IoT) is omnipresent today. It has become a trend which is being utilized in various industries like the automation, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, etc. But what is IoT? IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices which have the ability of transferring data over a network without the interference of a human. There are various reasons