Technological Hazards in the Healthcare Industry

Technology hazards taking place in the healthcare industry are very common. To avoid the repetition of those, the Emergency Care Research Institute in short termed as ECRI releases few hazards for the healthcare to know about the make them aware of the various safety measures. The 10 technological hazards for the year 2016 released by

Slim Type 22-Inch Fanless MPC225-873

Axiomtek Co., Ltd’s is the designer and manufacturing company in the industrial computers & embedded field. The company is committed to provide green products that are in compliancewith WEEE and RoHS legislation. The Environmental Management System (EMS) conforms with the ISO 14001 standards. The Slim-type 22-inch fanless medical touch panel computer MPC225-873 by Axiomtek is a

Digital Thermometers

Hicks Thermometers India Ltd.’s is a leader in medical instruments like medical surgical instruments medical disposable, and health care products clinical thermometers, diagnostic products, digital thermometers, & equipment. It is also a supplier of medical instruments, clinical thermometers and digital thermometers. The digital thermometers are of two ranges namely Smart Range and Classic Range. In the smart

Anesthesia Machines GSM III A

Grand Services Medicare Division’s supplies, imports and exports an extensive range of Anesthesia Machines. One of the item codes of Anesthesia Machines is GSM III A. The products are sourced from the certified vendors in the market who have gained certification from FDA, CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. The Anesthesia Machines GSM III A is

Cryosurgical Device – Cryo-S Electric II ®

CryoFlex’s is the designer and manufacturer of Cryosurgery Devices. The Cryosurgery Devices are again of 4 ranges namely Cryo-S Electric II ®, Cryo-S Classic ®, Cryo-S Painless ® and Cryo-S Mini ®. Cryo-S Electric II ® is a modern, next generation cryosurgical device which is used in the surgery. It is controlled by a microprocessor and all the factors are displayed

Is Your Healthcare Employee Turnover Healthy (Or Too High)?

In the past few years, national unemployment rates have slowed, while turnover rates are on the rise. That means that doctors, nurses, and other medical service providers have options about where they work; if they’re not satisfied with their current organization, it’s relatively easy to find a new job. According to data from CompData Surveys,

Nasal Cannula for Adults, Children and Infants

APS Medical’s is a manufacturer of Nasal Cannula. The products are manufactured under the ISO 13485:2003. The nasal cannula consists of a soft manifold moulded with nasal prongs for the taking in of oxygen to the nasal passage. It has soft connecting tubes which are for putting in the ears together, with a locating collar which

Laboratory Equipment – Automatic Weather Station

Kaizen Imperial’s is the manufacturer and supplier of Automatic Weather Station. The Automatic Weather Station is used transmit meteorological information and measure biometric pressure, ambient pressure, humidity, etc. This contemporary Automatic Weather Station consists of barometer, advanced thermometer and different sensors which respond to changing meteorological factors. It can be used in meteorological research, waste

What is Ultra Low Freezer in Hospital Industry?

Accurate Scientific Instruments’s manufactures equipments needed by blood banks, hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical industries and clinical laboratories. One among them is the Ultra Low Freezer. The freezer has been specially designed for industrial applications, blood banks, biological and research laboratories. They are present in vertical and horizontal models. It even has high technology cooling system

What is Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser in Hospital Industry?

Aarvam Medical Systems’s is the manufacturer of Ultra Pulse CO2 laser. Ultra Pulse CO2 laser is the accurate tool used in surgical and aesthetic applications. The laser medium which is a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium gases is usually excited by DC Voltage. It emits a nonstop beam of wavelength of 10600 nm. As the CO2