What is OR Equipment Integra’s use in Hospitals?

ALVO Medical’s has been provider of latest innovations and solutions to the hospitals. And one among them is ALVO Integra. ALVO Integra allows the combination of medical equipments and devices in the operating room. These equipments are wireless and touch screen which is very simple and clear. The system transmits and distributes video signals and it can

What is Portable Blood Donor Lounge?

Insignia International’s is the manufacturer and supplier of Portable Blood Donor Lounge. The Portable Blood Donor Lounge is different in size, shape and height, and is. It is provided to the customers keeping in mind their ease. It can be even availed in many specifications. There are many distinct features of this Lounge. Such as:

What is Siemens MRI Scanner?

LBN Medical’s is specialized reseller of Siemens MRI Scanner with model number Avanto 76/18 TIM. It was initially manufactured in the year 2005 and its magnet model is OR105A and gradient type is 33/125. It has 1 main console no laser camera option available in it. The various options available in it are Neuro Evaluation,

What is Blood Collection Monitor?

Insignia International’s is the manufacturer of Blood Collection Monitor. Blood Collection Monitor is used in used in Blood Transfusion Centers. It helps in collecting of blood by observing the quantity and many other such details. It can be availed in various specifications and it powered by a rechargeable battery. The BM-35X can be used either

What is Ultrasound GE Vivid E9?

LBNMedical’s is specialized reseller of Ultrasound GE Vivid E9. Vivid E9 of GE Healthcare is the foremost cardiovascular ultrasound system which has been designed distinctively for 4D imaging. This system checks in people’s efficiency in work place (called egronomics) and gets hold of images, and manages data, archives it. Like 2D imaging, it has an equal

Things To Keep In Mind When Attending A Radiology Conference

Radiology conferences are a great place for doctors and medical health professionals to learn about new technology in their industry. Scientific advances in the radiology field are often presented at these conferences for the very first time. If you work in the radiology field, attending one of these conferences can be great for your professional career.

Emerging Trends Re-Shaping the Medical Device Industry

The $3.2 trillion healthcare industry involves much more than physician’s visits and expensive drugs.  Medical devices play an increasingly larger role in the healthcare industry each year, and some devices are even removing the medical provider from the equation.  Here are just a few of the emerging trends that are reshaping the medical device industry.

Six Tools Healthcare Facilities Must Be Using!

As we all know, the technological revolution has taken the world by storm. Not only it has influenced private sector but the public sector altogether. Nowadays different institutions have made use of technology to facilitate their day to day tasks. Technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to health facilities like hospitals.

High Margin Medical Procedures

They might be providing care and saving lives but hospitals are actually run like any other type of business, and profit is the key to survival in a competitive market. The healthcare market is worth more than one can imagine and with the rise of medical tourism, hospitals and medical practices, there is a need

NOT ALL ABOUT LOOKS: Can Plastic Surgery Save Or Actually Improve Lives?

Cosmetic and plastic surgery have had their load of bad press but it’s not all about looks. Sometimes, they’re the only solutions to real medical problems and they can have a beneficial and often life-saving impact on a patient’s health. Performed in hospitals’ operating rooms under strict regulations, such plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures can