Things To Keep In Mind When Attending A Radiology Conference

Radiology conferences are a great place for doctors and medical health professionals to learn about new technology in their industry. Scientific advances in the radiology field are often presented at these conferences for the very first time. If you work in the radiology field, attending one of these conferences can be great for your professional career.

Emerging Trends Re-Shaping the Medical Device Industry

The $3.2 trillion healthcare industry involves much more than physician’s visits and expensive drugs.  Medical devices play an increasingly larger role in the healthcare industry each year, and some devices are even removing the medical provider from the equation.  Here are just a few of the emerging trends that are reshaping the medical device industry.

Six Tools Healthcare Facilities Must Be Using!

As we all know, the technological revolution has taken the world by storm. Not only it has influenced private sector but the public sector altogether. Nowadays different institutions have made use of technology to facilitate their day to day tasks. Technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to health facilities like hospitals.

High Margin Medical Procedures

They might be providing care and saving lives but hospitals are actually run like any other type of business, and profit is the key to survival in a competitive market. The healthcare market is worth more than one can imagine and with the rise of medical tourism, hospitals and medical practices, there is a need

NOT ALL ABOUT LOOKS: Can Plastic Surgery Save Or Actually Improve Lives?

Cosmetic and plastic surgery have had their load of bad press but it’s not all about looks. Sometimes, they’re the only solutions to real medical problems and they can have a beneficial and often life-saving impact on a patient’s health. Performed in hospitals’ operating rooms under strict regulations, such plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures can

How Hospitals can Increase Referral Revenues

It is a well understood fact that most healthcare systems are functioning in silos as they evolved that way over the past few decades. However, with modern technology it should not have to continue going down that track, particularly where it tends to reduce efficiencies, raise costs and yield poorer patient care outcomes. According to

Cancer Diagnosis Breathes Best at American Hospital, Dubai

Diagnosis of cancers and tumours of blood cells can be expensive and also take a while to shape up before full fledged treatment can begin.The American Hospital in Dubai is set to become the first of its kind in UAE to have implemented the FACSCalibur™ Flow Cytometry system (analyzer and software). This technology will detect

Obama Care: How ‘Not to Care’ About Top American Hospitals

Wondering why healthcare in the United States costs more? Well, some of the best hospitals in the world are in here. Though this is certainly not just one reason, but for sure we know that things that come with a better quality tag cost more. However, with the onset of Obamacare this quality healthcare will

Healthcare Analytics: A Step Forward

Manage with data driven insights, not just hunches The healthcare industry is going through a transformational change. From a reactive schedule at last minute and response at critical hour, healthcare service providers want to move to systems and processes that help them to predict, plan early and execute efficiently for any medical requirement. Healthcare providers

Healthcare Trends: Electrosurgery

The concept of using heat as a form of therapy and treatment to stop bleeding has been used for centuries, and was initially known as thermal cautery where tissues were burnt by thermal heat, including steam or hot metal, with the intention of destroying damaged or diseased tissue to prevent infections and reduce bleeding. Today,