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Hidden Benefits of Medical Scribes for Hospitals and Practices

Medical scribes are quickly becoming essential to the healthcare industry. Recent studies revealed that the presence of medical scribes can help healthcare providers offer better services to patients, which is why larger hospitals and medical institutions are already adding medical scribes to their workflows. For smaller practices, however, the decision to hire a medical scribe

Choosing the Best Hospital For Your Treatment

A hospital does not witness any kind of emergency every hour of the day. There are times when though not an emergency, a patient is admitted in the hospital. The patient is admitted in the hospital during the initial signs of any disease or ailment. Or just for a small surgery. Hence, there are different kinds

Why Health Care Organizations Need to Invest in Technology-related Security Systems

In recent years, health care companies all around the nation have spent billions of dollars on IT systems, so that they can provide much more efficient and professional services. However, securing these IT systems is the next big challenge for organizations in the health care sector. Below are some of the main reasons why health

5 High Paying Public Health Jobs

Public health is a fast growing field due in part to the ability to make very good money doing what you love. There are a large range of job options that are widely available in most areas. Here are five public health jobs that consistently pay well: Healthcare Administrator A Healthcare Administrator is an employee

A Career in Healthcare Management: How to Get Started

If you’ve been working as a nurse or a physician, the next step to take in order to push your career forward is to apply for a managerial position. Getting promoted to healthcare or hospital management is a step towards the right direction. You’ll be dealing with more responsibilities and a lot of managerial tasks,

Is Your Healthcare Employee Turnover Healthy (Or Too High)?

In the past few years, national unemployment rates have slowed, while turnover rates are on the rise. That means that doctors, nurses, and other medical service providers have options about where they work; if they’re not satisfied with their current organization, it’s relatively easy to find a new job. According to data from CompData Surveys,

Six Tools Healthcare Facilities Must Be Using!

As we all know, the technological revolution has taken the world by storm. Not only it has influenced private sector but the public sector altogether. Nowadays different institutions have made use of technology to facilitate their day to day tasks. Technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to health facilities like hospitals.

Obama Care: How ‘Not to Care’ About Top American Hospitals

Wondering why healthcare in the United States costs more? Well, some of the best hospitals in the world are in here. Though this is certainly not just one reason, but for sure we know that things that come with a better quality tag cost more. However, with the onset of Obamacare this quality healthcare will

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Health Care

Health care sector’s performance had been an inquisitive factor the kind of challenges it has faced, since its shape up as a sector. Health care is one of the sectors being directly linked to the national well being, has always been in the attention of the stakeholders. However, the performance has always been suboptimal despite

Cloud Computing in Healthcare for Market Growth

The healthcare industry is advancing rapidly and some huge transforming is happing to the healthcare industry with the lining of healthcare industry to cloud. Even though healthcare sector has settle to grow in medium pace, there are certain privacy, security and regulatory concerns exists in lining healthcare industry with cloud computing. There is an expectation