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Health Challenges Faced By an Aging HIV Population

Worldwide the population of people suffering from HIV and over the age of 50 is estimated to be around four million, and the proportion is increasing every day. Even though the young remain more at risk, increasing the disease is being diagnosed in those who are above the age of 50. It may be surprising

Fire-safety: How to Protect your Practice from a Devastating Blaze

When other people turn up to dinner on Friday night, sighing and moaning about how they’ve had the worst day ever, they’re probably referring to a difficult phone call with an angry client or an infuriating afternoon trying to catch up with an overflowing email inbox. Yet, as the owner of a healthcare practice with

Is Your Healthcare Employee Turnover Healthy (Or Too High)?

In the past few years, national unemployment rates have slowed, while turnover rates are on the rise. That means that doctors, nurses, and other medical service providers have options about where they work; if they’re not satisfied with their current organization, it’s relatively easy to find a new job. According to data from CompData Surveys,

Licensed Facilities Are The Key To Overcoming Heroin And Vicodin Addictions

Heroin has been a bane of civilized countries since its unfortunate discovery. Every state in the US has been engaged in an active battle for decades, sometimes getting the upper hand, sometimes not. One place that has seen an increase in usage, overdoses and deaths in the last few years is Delray Beach in Florida.

Are Infrastructural Facilities Involved In Drug Addiction Treatment Enough?

The number of facilities offering substance abuse treatment is constantly going down and this is worrying because the number of people that require drug rehab treatment is growing. In the past few years we have seen a constant closing of drug addiction treatment programs, with many being repurposed for offering mental care while some were

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Medical Practice More Eco-Friendly

Creating a greener medical practice isn’t just about helping the planet and reducing your carbon footprint—making strides toward the improvement of your practice’s sustainability can actually make good business sense as well. Many eco-centric practices can save money on the cost of supplies and products, can help medical offices avoid regulatory and compliance issues, and