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Home HIV Kit: How You Can Benefit?

The Centre for Disease Control (USA) recently advised parents all across the nation to have their kids tested for the HIV virus at least once in a few years. Testing for HIV, however, remains a stigma among people for what alone supposedly causes it and for what it entails (in the society) once the result

Why Health Care Organizations Need to Invest in Technology-related Security Systems

In recent years, health care companies all around the nation have spent billions of dollars on IT systems, so that they can provide much more efficient and professional services. However, securing these IT systems is the next big challenge for organizations in the health care sector. Below are some of the main reasons why health

Common Problems in the Healthcare Informatics

Health informatics can be defined as the study of resources and methods for the management of health information. This area supports health IT, medical practice, medical research, etc. The biggest issue in health informatics is privacy. It is the only thing which keeps haunting the patient only after their health. In this article, we shall discuss about problems that keep

How social media is being utilized in the healthcare industry?

Social Media or also new media is emerging and leaving behind the traditional forms of media. It is being utilized by many prominent personalities for a variety of purposes and in various industries around the globe. The most shocking matter is that it is being employed in the healthcare industry where personal care has always

Challenges in the Healthcare IT Industry

Challenges are a part of everyone’s life and the healthcare being a booming sector too has some of the IT challenges. The challenges sometimes tend to happen from the smallest of the things to the biggest of the things which at any cost should not be avoided. It could be coming from anywhere like the

Telemedicine in the Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine today has become a common term today in the healthcare industry. But what is telemedicine? Telemedicine is usage of telecommunication and IT for offering healthcare services from a far of place. It has numerous advantages like saving lives of people in case of emergency, breaks distance barriers. The patients can be at ease and

Healthcare Analytics: A Step Forward

Manage with data driven insights, not just hunches The healthcare industry is going through a transformational change. From a reactive schedule at last minute and response at critical hour, healthcare service providers want to move to systems and processes that help them to predict, plan early and execute efficiently for any medical requirement. Healthcare providers

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Health Care

Health care sector’s performance had been an inquisitive factor the kind of challenges it has faced, since its shape up as a sector. Health care is one of the sectors being directly linked to the national well being, has always been in the attention of the stakeholders. However, the performance has always been suboptimal despite

E-commerce in Health Care

E-commerce is a very effective medium which has given a very supportive role in the growth of the Healthcare Industry. When we consider the kind of transformation which the Health care industry has witnessed in the recent past, one of the major implementation which the companies have adopted is the implementation of ecommerce method of

Cloud Computing in Healthcare for Market Growth

The healthcare industry is advancing rapidly and some huge transforming is happing to the healthcare industry with the lining of healthcare industry to cloud. Even though healthcare sector has settle to grow in medium pace, there are certain privacy, security and regulatory concerns exists in lining healthcare industry with cloud computing. There is an expectation