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High Margin Medical Procedures

They might be providing care and saving lives but hospitals are actually run like any other type of business, and profit is the key to survival in a competitive market. The healthcare market is worth more than one can imagine and with the rise of medical tourism, hospitals and medical practices, there is a need

How Hospitals can Increase Referral Revenues

It is a well understood fact that most healthcare systems are functioning in silos as they evolved that way over the past few decades. However, with modern technology it should not have to continue going down that track, particularly where it tends to reduce efficiencies, raise costs and yield poorer patient care outcomes. According to

E-commerce in Health Care

E-commerce is a very effective medium which has given a very supportive role in the growth of the Healthcare Industry. When we consider the kind of transformation which the Health care industry has witnessed in the recent past, one of the major implementation which the companies have adopted is the implementation of ecommerce method of

Asian Health Care Markets

The markets from Asian countries for the healthcare are a concern for next few years. There is a quantum of need from the Asian market for providing better healthcare standards. Out of the entire shortfall, China will be having the major chunk to cater to the health care costs, according to the research studies.  The

Financial Dimension of Healthcare Industry

Healthcare sector had always a fragmented market. The kind of economical crisis which was prevailing all over has put many of the customers on a back foot towards spending on healthcare.  The increasing budgetary constraints, political scenarios and the economic crisis have further burdened the healthcare sector affecting its stocks all over. Despite of the