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Bioresorbable Stents for Patients Of Coronary Artery Disease

Technology until Now A stent, in medical terms, is any device that is inserted into a blood vessel in order to expand the vessel to prevent or alleviate a blockade (typically, a coronary artery disease). Until now, the health care industry has been using metallic stents that would be worn permanently and could be removed

What is Blood Collection Monitor?

Insignia International’s is the manufacturer of Blood Collection Monitor. Blood Collection Monitor is used in used in Blood Transfusion Centers. It helps in collecting of blood by observing the quantity and many other such details. It can be availed in various specifications and it powered by a rechargeable battery. The BM-35X can be used either

Six Tools Healthcare Facilities Must Be Using!

As we all know, the technological revolution has taken the world by storm. Not only it has influenced private sector but the public sector altogether. Nowadays different institutions have made use of technology to facilitate their day to day tasks. Technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to health facilities like hospitals.