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Choosing the Best Hospital For Your Treatment

A hospital does not witness any kind of emergency every hour of the day. There are times when though not an emergency, a patient is admitted in the hospital. The patient is admitted in the hospital during the initial signs of any disease or ailment. Or just for a small surgery. Hence, there are different kinds

How to Find the Perfect Drug Rehab Program in 6 Easy Steps

Choosing the right rehab program is essential if you want any type of success with your recovery. Many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a rehab program, but more often than not, people struggling with addiction are usually ill informed about the options that are open to them. In this article, we’re going

The New Killer on the Edge: Ebola

An outbreak of a dreadful Ebola virus has killed at least 70 people in Guinea since its symptoms were first observed recently.In a statement that followed, the World Health Organization (WHO) said the total number of suspected cases was 110.UNICEF earlier said at least three of the victims were children.”In Guinea, a country with a