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Fire-safety: How to Protect your Practice from a Devastating Blaze

When other people turn up to dinner on Friday night, sighing and moaning about how they’ve had the worst day ever, they’re probably referring to a difficult phone call with an angry client or an infuriating afternoon trying to catch up with an overflowing email inbox. Yet, as the owner of a healthcare practice with

Obama Care: How ‘Not to Care’ About Top American Hospitals

Wondering why healthcare in the United States costs more? Well, some of the best hospitals in the world are in here. Though this is certainly not just one reason, but for sure we know that things that come with a better quality tag cost more. However, with the onset of Obamacare this quality healthcare will

The New Killer on the Edge: Ebola

An outbreak of a dreadful Ebola virus has killed at least 70 people in Guinea since its symptoms were first observed recently.In a statement that followed, the World Health Organization (WHO) said the total number of suspected cases was 110.UNICEF earlier said at least three of the victims were children.”In Guinea, a country with a

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Health Care

Health care sector’s performance had been an inquisitive factor the kind of challenges it has faced, since its shape up as a sector. Health care is one of the sectors being directly linked to the national well being, has always been in the attention of the stakeholders. However, the performance has always been suboptimal despite