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How IoT Medical Devices Are Improving Patient Engagement

Most patient care takes place outside of a provider’s office or medical facility. Patients are expected to take medication as prescribed, report improvement or worsening of symptoms, and take steps to support their own health and well-being. Following doctors’ orders in this manner is just a part of the overall concept of patient engagement, but

Medical Device Recalls on the Rise: Here Are Some of the Biggest From 2016

We all know that medical devices save lives by the millions every year, and make life easier for countless people. However,unfortunately, issues do arise with products on occasions. While this isn’t surprising, given that, according to Select USA there are more than 6,500 different medical device companies in the United States alone, faulty products can

How eCOA Can Improve Patient-Provider Communication in Clinical Trials

One of the most significant challenges in clinical research today is engaging patients — and keeping them engaged. Patient engagement is the key to a successful study, as it not only ensures that the study reaches completion, but that the data collected is accurate and the patient experience is a positive one. While there are

Tips for Getting Through a Long Nursing Shift

Are you looking for creative ways to make it through your upcoming 12-hour nursing shift? If you dread the days when you’re on your feet at work for 12 hours at a time, here are a few tips that can help you get through those grueling shifts with a little more grace and a little

More Waste Management Tips for Hospitals and Medical Practices

There are a lot of aspects to cover when it comes to hospital management; almost all of them require immense attention and are very important to the smooth operation of the hospital itself. Waste management is one of the crucial parts of a hospital’s operation that must be managed properly. Simply using conventional waste management

Begin Living A Healthier Life Today

Life does have a way of wearing us down from time to time. When that happens, and stress invades every pore of our being, it is almost natural to turn to various escapes to help us survive. If your escape for far too long has been drugs or alcohol, you are certainly not alone. At

Fire-safety: How to Protect your Practice from a Devastating Blaze

When other people turn up to dinner on Friday night, sighing and moaning about how they’ve had the worst day ever, they’re probably referring to a difficult phone call with an angry client or an infuriating afternoon trying to catch up with an overflowing email inbox. Yet, as the owner of a healthcare practice with

Why Should one opt for IoT in Healthcare?

Internet of Things (IoT) is omnipresent today. It has become a trend which is being utilized in various industries like the automation, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, etc. But what is IoT? IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices which have the ability of transferring data over a network without the interference of a human. There are various reasons

How to Improve Marketing in Your Healthcare Company

Whichever field of the medical industry your practice operates in, you are in constant competition with the other healthcare providers in your area. When patients are unable to get a good recommendation for a healthcare provider from their family and friends, they often turn to conducting their own research online, which is why having a

Technological Hazards in the Healthcare Industry

Technology hazards taking place in the healthcare industry are very common. To avoid the repetition of those, the Emergency Care Research Institute in short termed as ECRI releases few hazards for the healthcare to know about the make them aware of the various safety measures. The 10 technological hazards for the year 2016 released by