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Surgical Scissors: Design & Handling

Surgical scissors or “forceps” are surgical instruments engineered to make dissections and other cuts with high accuracy and precision. So while choosing one, several important factors such as ease-of-handling, dimensional accuracy, quality, and manoeuvrability come into play. Engineering Surgical scissors cutting through a tissue apply three kinds of forces – torque, closing and shear. Closing

Methods for Sterilizing Medical Equipments

Sterilizing medical equipments is an imperative process which every medical personnel on this planet ought to do every single time he/she has monitored a patient. It is a process which can help in avoiding spreading of infections to a great extent. There are ways through which the equipments can be sterilized and there are benefits

Cryosurgical Device – Cryo-S Electric II ®

CryoFlex’s is the designer and manufacturer of Cryosurgery Devices. The Cryosurgery Devices are again of 4 ranges namely Cryo-S Electric II ®, Cryo-S Classic ®, Cryo-S Painless ® and Cryo-S Mini ®. Cryo-S Electric II ® is a modern, next generation cryosurgical device which is used in the surgery. It is controlled by a microprocessor and all the factors are displayed

What is Ultrasound GE Vivid E9?

LBNMedical’s is specialized reseller of Ultrasound GE Vivid E9. Vivid E9 of GE Healthcare is the foremost cardiovascular ultrasound system which has been designed distinctively for 4D imaging. This system checks in people’s efficiency in work place (called egronomics) and gets hold of images, and manages data, archives it. Like 2D imaging, it has an equal

Healthcare Trends: Electrosurgery

The concept of using heat as a form of therapy and treatment to stop bleeding has been used for centuries, and was initially known as thermal cautery where tissues were burnt by thermal heat, including steam or hot metal, with the intention of destroying damaged or diseased tissue to prevent infections and reduce bleeding. Today,