Are Infrastructural Facilities Involved In Drug Addiction Treatment Enough?

The number of facilities offering substance abuse treatment is constantly going down and this is worrying because the number of people that require drug rehab treatment is growing. In the past few years we have seen a constant closing of drug addiction treatment programs, with many being repurposed for offering mental care while some were simply closed. Because of this, people are questioning whether or not the infrastructural facilities available at the moment to offer levels of care for drug treatment centers are enough.

Drug Addiction Program Staff

A really large part of abuse treatment and the subsequent necessary rehabilitation is the supporting staff. At high management levels, program directors appear as not qualified enough, with just 20% of them holding masters degrees. There are even some programs that are solely run by a physician.

Besides counselors, few other professionals exist in the programs. Just around 50% of the programs have at least one physician on staff employed in a part time regime. Besides the methadone programs, under 15% of the programs have a nurse. While it is important to learn how to choose a therapist after treatment, the support that is offered by clinic staff is vital.

Information Resources And Computer Resources

It has been highlighted that around 20% of the programs include zero e-mail, information services or voice-mail system for phone use. Around 30% of the rehabilitation programs have access to really well-developed IT systems, internet services and emails. These are normally a part of larger health systems or hospitals.

Digital equipment can help in drug addiction but there are some situations in which it is not actually a good idea. It is necessary to focus on each program at a time. IT resources are now needed for support and dealing with rehabilitation related problems.

Necessary Treatment Equipment

When it comes to the equipment that you need in order to treat drug addiction, everything varies based on the substance that the patient abused. In a similar way to the above mentioned factors, we have to acknowledge the fact that the equipment that is normally needed is not that much. You will want to analyze the equipment and see what exists and what does not exist.

Most of the drug rehabilitation treatment involves a period of solitude and medication. Unfortunately, clinics are underfunded and sometimes do not have access to the medication that is necessary. This only leads towards a lengthier process.


On the whole, the current situation is quite worrying. It is really important that we understand the fact that this is something that has to stop. While some of the private facilities are offering the necessary treatment options necessary for drug rehabilitation, most do not. Because of this, you want to be sure that you always focus on those programs that offer all that is needed. Particularly worrying is the instability noticed in the workforce at absolutely all levels. The counseling staff shows relatively stable tenure but this is not enough in treating most drug addictions.

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