Advances In Medical Imaging Technology

Medical imaging is the graphic visualization of the body for use in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of medical conditions.

Imaging technologies play a vital role in making medical procedures more scientific as they help confirm or reject the diagnostician’s or physician’s initial hypothesis about the patient’s ailment.

The drive for more emergent bio-optical devices has lead to the foundation of the field of diagnostic medicine in which, certain compounds, which are engineered to react only to specific conditions, are revealed only by specific electromagnetic (EM) wavelengths. This helps in diagnosis rare diseases and other speciality conditions.

Imaging technology has added a whole new dimension to medical diagnosis applications, making the process faster and more accurate, and helped predict or discover previously undetected, intricate rare conditions.

And not only diagnosis and treatment, optics are increasingly being used in surgery procedures, or so called image-guided surgery.

Scientists are innovating newer imaging modalities by harnessing previously untapped wavelengths of the EM spectrum.

Their quantum leaps in understanding biomedical optics has lead to more perspicuity on ailments such as certain types of cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

The medical imaging market has been growing at an explosive rate and it is necessary that medical professionals know about the future of the field and the emergent, upcoming imaging devices and technologies.

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