Cryosurgical Device – Cryo-S Electric II ®

CryoFlex’s is the designer and manufacturer of Cryosurgery Devices. The Cryosurgery Devices are again of 4 ranges namely Cryo-S Electric II ®, Cryo-S Classic ®, Cryo-S Painless ® and Cryo-S Mini ®.

Cryo-S Electric II ® is a modern, next generation cryosurgical device which is used in the surgery. It is controlled by a microprocessor and all the factors are displayed onto the LCD touch screen.

Cryo-S Electric II ®

It has an automatically pressure and gas flow and time of the procedure is manifested during freezing. It comprises of an automatic probe cleaning system and two freezing modes i.e. continuous and discontinuous.

It even has a comfortable foot switch controller of dual function and has power of 100÷240V (50/60Hz) AC and the maximum power consumption is 150VA.

It has automatic gas pressure control and the cooling medium for CO2 is 78ºC or N2O is 89ºC. The maximum pressure is for CO2 is 70 bars and for  N2O is 55 bars.

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