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What to Know About Creating, Storing, and Moving Biomedical Products

Biomedical products are unlike any other. They can not simply be created, stored, or moved without proper precautions in place to do so. These products and the testing materials that go along with them could be hazardous to the environment without proper containment. Before any scientists or lab workers begin creating, storing, or moving these

Room for Improvement: Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals Who Think They Don’t Need Them

A successful therapeutic approach entails more than just diagnosing and curing disease. Numerous studies have shown that good doctor-patient communication skills not only improve patient satisfaction but also their outcomes. So is it possible for doctors to strengthen their “bedside manner”? The answer is yes. Whatever area of healthcare you practice in, if you develop

Tech is Truly for the Elders

As with any progress in our society, lots of folks think the “innovative ways” belong to the younger generations. Sure, the younger generation doesn’t know what it’s like to talk on a phone with a cord to the handset or how to use a payphone. Many of them don’t even know what a payphone is,

Tips for Selecting the Right Detox Facility

A Florida alcohol detox could very well be the key to ending your addiction once and for all. However, choosing the detox facility you will attend can be much easier said than done. This is because there are an enormous amount of detox facilities out there. They all claim to be the best at what

How a Nursing Degree Can Improve Your Career

When you sit back and think about what it means to work in the healthcare industry, there are so many parts to the puzzle.  Not only are there doctors and nurses, but there are also medical equipment technicians and even people in the lab that are testing samples of blood and tissue all day long. 

How IoT Medical Devices Are Improving Patient Engagement

Most patient care takes place outside of a provider’s office or medical facility. Patients are expected to take medication as prescribed, report improvement or worsening of symptoms, and take steps to support their own health and well-being. Following doctors’ orders in this manner is just a part of the overall concept of patient engagement, but

Medical Device Recalls on the Rise: Here Are Some of the Biggest From 2016

We all know that medical devices save lives by the millions every year, and make life easier for countless people. However,unfortunately, issues do arise with products on occasions. While this isn’t surprising, given that, according to Select USA there are more than 6,500 different medical device companies in the United States alone, faulty products can

How eCOA Can Improve Patient-Provider Communication in Clinical Trials

One of the most significant challenges in clinical research today is engaging patients — and keeping them engaged. Patient engagement is the key to a successful study, as it not only ensures that the study reaches completion, but that the data collected is accurate and the patient experience is a positive one. While there are

Bioresorbable Stents for Patients Of Coronary Artery Disease

Technology until Now A stent, in medical terms, is any device that is inserted into a blood vessel in order to expand the vessel to prevent or alleviate a blockade (typically, a coronary artery disease). Until now, the health care industry has been using metallic stents that would be worn permanently and could be removed

Embracing digital transformation in the healthcare sector

Healthcare is rapidly moving towards a digital environment and the empowered treatment is the norm. Number of trends in healthcare present challenges to traditional IT approaches and opportunities to embrace innovation. Digital Transformation in the healthcare sector plays a key role and it would be the third stage of embracing digital technologies: digital competence →