What to Know About Creating, Storing, and Moving Biomedical Products

Biomedical products are unlike any other. They can not simply be created, stored, or moved without proper precautions in place to do so. These products and the testing materials that go along with them could be hazardous to the environment without proper containment. Before any scientists or lab workers begin creating, storing, or moving these materials, there are some things they should know about doing the job correctly and safely.

You Need the Right Gear and Lab Space

Say you want to work with lab mice to conduct experiments and create one of the top new biomedical products. You would need the right gear and proper lab space to do so. Things like the Obalon Balloon System for weight loss and the Owlet Baby Care Smart Sock didn’t get made in someone’s basement. They required proper manufacturing processes in a secure environment, and that is what you need also. Have the space set up and ready to use before bringing in the necessary materials to make your creation. 

It Requires Proper Storage

Chances are, you don’t have the necessary space or equipment to store your materials safely. Even if your lab is set up correctly to work in that environment, you still need a storage unit available to you to keep it safe while it’s not being worked on. A company like Pacific BioStorage offers storage solutions that follow industry regulations. You can leave your materials at their secure facility and take it to work on when necessary. The units are temperature-controlled as needed, and the freezers undergo routine maintenance to ensure they remain in optimal working condition.

It Requires Temperature-Controlled Transportation

Perhaps you receive a job offer out of state and must now move your products and materials with you. You can’t simply place it in boxes and move it with a trailer or U-HAUL. You need to contact a company, such as Pacific BioStorage, who is compliant with regulations of the industry and understands how to transport materials such as this safely. Many biomedical materials need temperature-controlled transportation to remain useful. Whether the items need to stay hot or cold, a controlled temperature unit can get set to the precise degree it needs to be at for safe keeping. Even severe weather impacts biological products, so that needs to get taken into consideration when traveling with it.

You Need Record Management

It is never a good idea to start up production without first having a record management system in place. You want to be able to keep proper track of all materials being used and created so you know the precise number being moved or stored as well for the safety of the environment and everyone around. Companies offer record management solutions along with an inventory management system and web-based application. You can see expiration dates of samples, freeze counts, and more.

Creating, storing, and moving biomedical products and materials takes time and consideration. Without the right gear in your lab, storage unit available for keeping materials, and temperature-controlled transportation, no scientist will ever complete their creation. The industry follows specific guidelines and standards for this type of material and it needs to be followed closely to meet regulations and get your products approved once they are completed.

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